Fardin Nikjoo

Fardin Nikjoo is Nikjoo Lawyers founder and migration specialist. He is a solicitor and a registered migration agent.

Fardin is also a lawyer on the Panel of Civil Law of the legal aid New South Wales.

Throughout his career, he has helped people in the community and immigration detentions to obtain Australian visas. No matter the class of visa, Fardin has experience getting clients the best possible result. Whether it is a visa application or challenging refusals or cancellations of visas, Fardin has the knowledge and tenacity to successfully deal with the Department of Immigration, Citizenship, Migrant Services and Multicultural Affairs, tribunals and courts. With migration being one of the most rapidly changing areas of the law, Fardin prides himself on closely monitoring changes to the Migration Act and government policies. His degree in politics also gives him an extra edge in understanding how the current political and economic environment drives Australia immigration policies.

Fardin has proven irrespective of the government of the day, he can negotiate the immigration landscape to ensure client’s put forward their strongest case addressing the criteria and concerns of the Department of Immigration, Citizenship, Migrant Services and Multicultural Affairs.

Fardin views immigration law holistically. He understands that having a visa granted is a life changing experience for his clients and their families. He understands the devastation and worry that having a visa refused or cancelled can cause to an individual and families. It is for this reason that Fardin works tirelessly to ensure everything within his power is done to put forward the strongest case possible. To this day, Fardin still experiences a sense of pride and satisfaction when he tells a client they can now call Australia home.